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Classes that Start February 3rd, 2024

Dance builds self-confidence, coordination, and focus from an early age.

Dance is fun, great exercise, and social! It's a great place to make lifelong friends. We focus on excellent instruction, creating a positive environment, and making every dancer feel special. 


We are excited to meet you!


We have one new class starting February 3! Register now! They fill up fast!

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February 3-June 20th, 2024


9:10-9:40 a.m.

Preballet Ages 3-Kinder


Miss Kylie



January 6th-June 20th, 2024



9:25-9:55 a.m.

Fairytale Preballet Ages 3-Kinder


Miss Taylor


Class Description

Dancers will learn basic ballet positions, steps and technique, in addition to joyfully freeze dancing and participating in other fun and creative dance activities. Dancers build confidence with every class.


We Zoom for Parents

We don't have a lobby, but we zoom every class for parents! If your child needs you, you will know right away and can come get them!


We have a special program just for dancers ages 3-5. Every class we work on independence, confidence, following directions, coordination and more while laying the groundwork for outstanding dance technique AND providing a fun experience for the dancers. It's a great program!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you decide not to continue after the first class and email us within 24-hours, we will refund your tuition and registration fee in full.

Preballet Dress Code


Pink leotard

Simple ballet skirt (optional)

Pink or flesh-colored tights

Pink or flesh-colored full sole ballet shoes

Hair in a bun or ponytail


White t-shirt 

Black jazz pants or black sweatpants

White full sole ballet shoes

Any long hair pulled back



  • There is an annual $30 registration fee per dancer.

  • There is a third-party 2.99% processing fee + $0.30 transaction fee added to each transaction.

  • Tuition is charged monthly on the first of the month through autopay. We are a 100% autopay studio.

  • Tuition is per student per month.

  • Tuition is the same whether there are three classes or five classes in a month.

  • Classes start January 6th.


June Recital Costs

  • Dancers will work all year toward a dance to perform in our June 17th-June 20th recital. (Exact days TBA.)

  • All recital-bound January start dancers will have an $83 non-refundable recital costume fee charged using autopay on January 15th. If you don't want to be in the recital, let us know by January 10th.

  • There is a March 15th and April 15th $25 recital fee charge. There will also be a recital ticket cost. These fees help us cover the costs of putting on the event.

  • Participating in the recital is optional!

  • We work to make the recital a special event the dancers will remember forever.


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