Class Schedule:

August, 2021-June, 2022



Due to the very small class sizes required by social distancing guidelines, we have changed our tuition structure charge by the class rather than by the hour. All classes can be taken via zoom, just let us know!


Single Dancer Max=$330

Family Max 2 dancer families=$460

Family Max 3 dancer families=$530

(Our computer system will not figure out the 2 & 3 dancer family maxes correctly. Please contact us so we can adjust your tuition manually.)

If you are on the family fee, please only take one class in each genre (tap, jazz, ballet, etc) until October.

Dancers should arrive five minutes early for class. Dismissal will also take up to five minutes after the class is over.

Tuition Info and Other Costs

  • There is a third party 2.75% processing fee added to each transaction.

  • Tuition is charged monthly. We are a 100% autopay studio.

  • Tuition is per student per month.

  • Tuition is the same no matter how many classes are in a month.

  • August tuition will be charged at 50% on August 1st.

  • Classes start on August 17th.

  • If the studio is forced to close due to Oregon shutting down again, we will teach all classes via zoom until we are able to reopen in-person.

June Performance Costs

  • Dancers will work all year toward a June performance.

  • All classes will have a costume cost.

  • Contact us for information about our recital plans for 2021.

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Hillsboro Dance Classes and Performing Dance Company for Children, Teens, and Adults

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We are strictly following the guidelines laid out for dance studios and similar businesses by Governor Brown. 

Due to social distancing requirements, class sizes are small. The dance floors are marked to ensure that there is a more than six-foot distance between every dancer.


Touched surfaces are sanitized between classes including the floor. 

To follow social distancing protocols, our lobby will be closed. Parents of 3-7-year-olds can watch the class via zoom from their car. If a child becomes upset or needs you, we will text you or instantly come out to the parking lot to get you.

Please do not bring your child to the studio for 10 days if they have been exposed to or are showing signs of illness. Any fever must be gone for 72 hours without medicine before returning to class. Your child is welcome to take the class via zoom from home. 

Dancers should arrive five minutes before class and we will let dancers into the studio one at a time so that they stay socially distanced. Please allow five minutes for drop off and five minutes for pickup.

We will be taking temperatures (as long as the weather is cool) and offering hand sanitizer as dancers enter the building. Everyone 5+ must wear a mask to enter and exit until the Oregon rule changes. 

If Washington County shuts down again, we will temporarily switch over to teaching via zoom until Washington County reopens. 

Schedule by Age

Age 3-5

Dance Classes 3 Year Old Hillsboro

Age 6-7

Dance Classes 6 and 7 year olds in Hillsboro

Age 8-11

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Age 12-18


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