Class Descriptions


Dancers will learn energetic choreography full of turns, jumps, and isolations to upbeat, fun music. These classes begin with a technique-based warm-up, followed by steps across the floor. Each school year long class will perform in our recital. Since jazz is rooted in ballet technique, ballet is a great additional class for jazz dancers. Jazz/Lyrical is a class that teaches both jazz and lyrical styles.

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Ballet dancers will focus on learning ballet technique with an extra focus on alignment. Ballet technique is the foundation for jazz, lyrical, and contemporary. Dancers taking any of those styles will progress more quickly by also enrolling in ballet. Preballet is designed to help young dancers understand the beginning of ballet technique in a fun and graceful way. Each class the kids will learn how to use the barre, take turns practicing their skills across the floor, and learn small balancing routines. Come flutter and twirl in our preballet classes! 

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Hip-Hop classes begin with a short warm-up to age appropriate hip-hop music. Dancers will learn combinations, a recital dance, and participate in improvisation. Hip-Hop helps to develop memory skills, coordination, and diversity of movement. Dancers will also be encouraged to develop their own unique style.

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Lyrical is a highly expressive and beautiful dance form choreographed to slower music. Lyrical is rooted in ballet. Dancers will learn a technique based warm-up and across the floor followed by a recital dance. Lyrical jumps and turns are similar to jazz, but the style incorporates the grace, beauty, and technique from ballet. Through guided improvisation, dancers will work on expressing different emotions while dancing. Expression is a skill that will transfer over to every dance form. 

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This class is perfect for those who love to move their feet! Each class will be filled with tons of rhythm progressions and sounds. You can guarantee that your tapper will be flapping down the grocery store aisles in no time


Contemporary is a newer style of dance that incorporates most dance styles. Contemporary choreography is unique and creative. Dancers' ideas will be incorporated into the class and choreography. This is a highly creative class for any level. Dancers should wear tight or baggy sports wear including sweats, t-shirts, leotards-any clothing that makes the dancer feel comfortable and able to dance. No jeans or skirts. Socks required. (Please bring a clean pair with you and put them on when you arrive so socks are fresh.)


Adult Classes

Hillsboro Dance Center has a very popular adult program full of adults who danced growing up and adults who always wanted to dance but never got the opportunity until now. These classes are designed to be personalized to each adult's specific goals. Whether you're looking to have a great time exercising and socializing, or are serious about dance, these classes are for you. Any step in any class can be modified or changed to work for your body.

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Tumbling- This class is designed to strengthen and excite dancers through the acrobatics of floor tumbling and dance stunts. Each student will be able to learn and move at their own speed and comfort level. Prepare to enhance your core, arms, and legs strength while dancing the class away! 

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Boys Production

This all-boys production (ages 4-11) is a great way to introduce your boy to dance. This class began as a way for the teacher, Tenley Pickett, to involve her own boys in dance and it's grown to be one of the most anticipated events of the studio. Boys classes start in April and end with a recital performance in June. The 2020 theme is Star Wars!

Fierce and Fabulous Fouettés

This twice a week summer class is designed to build your fouetté skills and the strength necessary for fouettés from the ground up. Students will work at their own pace and pass a series of technical milestones as they learn. Dancers must be able to do a double pirouette and lift their leg to 90 degrees to take this class. More advanced fouetté turners will work on more difficult fouettés.

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"Every time I dance I turn into a better version of me."